The Nation’s 2nd Largest Trailer Lessor

Commitment to the market and unmatched personalized attention are at the heart of Milestone Trailer Leasing. We are focused on crafting the best and most creative solutions for our customers – whether they be the local trucking shop to large-scale national for-hire motor carriers.


Over the years we’re proud to have grown our relationships to become the country’s second largest trailer lessor. With 57,000 units in 25+ locations coast to coast, our customers benefit from unparalleled access to equipment. We have a complete range to fit any application; factory direct NEW equipment, mid-range model years for economical over-the-road use, and well-maintained older units for cartage and storage use. Match equipment and monthly rate to your use of the equipment.

Milestone Trailer Leasing - National Network Map

As industry leaders, we continue to strive to innovate on our customers’ behalf – serving truckload and dedicated to less-than-truckload and commercial delivery to package and carrier, refrigerated, flatbed and heavy specialized.


Milestone Trailer Leasing - Sarah Johnson“One of the biggest game changers is around the shift in retail logistics – shifting from brick and mortar establishments to online retail, for example – we are always asking ourselves, ‘How do we shift? How do we pivot?’” says Sarah Johnson, Executive Vice President of Branch Operations for Milestone Trailer Leasing. “Particularly when it pertains to first to last mile shipping.”




Knowing how and when to “shift” comes with knowing our customers. This happens through our commitment to building relationships and anticipating our customers’ needs, sometimes even before a problem or challenge arises. This means striving to have continuous equipment available at all of our locations in addition to having a pulse on market conditions as they change throughout the year.


Milestone Trailer Leasing - Jeff Alpert“There’s a big push for companies to outsource transportation and logistics, and ultimately, we want to help our customers be more efficient with their equipment,” says Jeff Alpert, President of Milestone Trailer Leasing.